Bread making

Panasonic Bread Machine

SD-YD250 Panasonic Bread Machine

This Panasonic bread machine receives consistently good reviews from users.  The SD-YD250 model has excellent reliability and turns out perfect bread time after time.

It has a 13-hour timer, which is great if you like to wake up to the smell of freshly-baked bread.  There are several different settings available.  The basic bread mode is used for wheat flour loaves, with three different choices of crust color. If you're in a hurry there is also a rapid bake mode which will bake a white loaf in 1 hour 55 minutes.

Panasonic bread machine

The sandwich bake mode makes a loaf with a thinner, softer crust which makes great sandwiches.  The French bread mode makes a light, crusty loaf.  There's also a whole wheat and a multi-grain setting.  Each different mode also has a dough-only setting, which means you can make rolls, buns, croissants or French sticks by shaping the dough, allowing to rise and then finishing off in your oven.  In addition to bread you can also bake cakes and tea breads. 

Although there is no nut/rasisin dispenser, the machine will beep to tell you when to add the extra ingredients.  This does mean that you can't produce these loaves using the timer.

A special yeast dispenser keeps the yeast away from other ingredients until the right moment.  One other useful feature is the 10-minute power interruption protection.  This means that if the electricity is cut for up to 10 minutes, the bread will not be ruined.

Panasonic Bread Machine Features

  • Measuring cup and spoon to ensure accurate measurement of ingredients
  • Comprehensive instructions and recipe book with 50 recipes
  • Make delicious moist cakes using the bake only mode
  • Rapid bake mode to produce a loaf in less than two hours
  • Sandwich bake mode produces a soft loaf ideal for sandwiches
  • Basic mode for straightforward loaves
  • Whole-wheat bread mode using longer leavening and baking time
  • Multi-grain bread mode
  • Make delicious light crusty French bread
  • Dough only mode
  • Pizza mode - quick pizza dough
  • Yeast pro dispenser keeps yeast away from other ingredients until needed
  • Digital timer (up to 13 hours)
  • Non-stick easy-clean pan
  • Power interruption protection
  • Bread Crust Color Control
  • Bake loaves in three different sizes

My own breadmaker is a Panasonic bread machine and I can certainly recommend them!